Intimacy With God: One Man’s Journey

by Rob Oberto, D. Min.


Intimacy With God: One Man’s Journey, is an inspiring spiritual memoir chronicling the author’s journey from secular skepticism to a deep, personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a story of his desire for God, and of how God won and healed his heart.

Intimacy With God: One Man’s Journey, is dramatic, delightful, and tender. It is a moving story of God’s sometimes powerful and oftentimes fatherly interventions in the author’s life. This engaging account provides glimpses of God’s glory and grace while reassuring us that God is real, that the Bible is true, and that the Paradise of Heaven is more beautiful than we hope it to be.

Intimacy With God: One Man’s Journey helps us to see God’s extravagant grace working in our lives to deepen our relationship with Him. It encourages us to open our hearts to His and to experience awe and intimacy with Almighty God. If we ever wonder if our loving God and Father hears our prayers, or is with us as we pray, the answer is a resounding YES!

Intimacy With God: One Man’s Journey is available in both print and eBook formats. A great read for pastors, ministry leaders, or anyone seeking a closer connection with Christ.



Intimacy With God: One Man's Journey book awards

A beautifully crafted book to which anyone seeking a deeper, more personal relationship with God themselves can relate. Intimacy with God: One Man’s Journey is written in plain language allowing novice or theologian the ability to relate to Dr. Oberto on a personal level, and will ask them to connect to the experiences, reflecting on the moments each of us have in our own lives when God speaks to us – asking us each to face the question “Are we listening?” Portland Book Review 5 Stars

A life of faith and humility converge in Intimacy With God: One Man’s Journey. Pastor, teacher, speaker and writer Rob Oberto describes how we can encounter God in a real, inspiring way in the midst of ordinary life….Intimacy With God can appeal to believers without seeming overly pious to someone with doubts and suspicions about religion….Intimacy With God is a spiritual memoir recounted with verve and fervor. Indie Reader Approved 5 Stars

An inspiring account of Dr. Oberto’s personal experiences with the God of the Bible. Intimacy With God: One Man’s Journey, is a well-crafted book, biblically documented and written with rare humor, transparency and humility. Dr. Oberto adroitly paints the picture of his life’s search for meaning from religion to skepticism, secularism and then to personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. His experiences are as profound as they are beautiful and are described with such sensitivity that the images may long remain in the reader’s mind. Intimacy With God: One Man’s Journey, will encourage the reader to more fully trust God Who longs to commune with His children. It is a book well worth reading and which one will not soon forget. J. Bryant 5 Stars