The Supreme Court v God’s Word

I was raised Catholic. I attended Catholic grade school, high school, and Boston College. I guess sometime since then it became okay to ignore what Jesus taught on marriage in Matthew 19:4-6 where He references what God said in Genesis 2:24 about marriage being between a man and a woman. It’s the verse that has been used in marriage ceremonies for about 6 millennia. The clearest view of God’s design for sexual morality is stated in Leviticus chapter 18. That’s been around for a while as well.

The courts may have legal jurisdiction to redefine marriage in the United States, but no human has jurisdiction to redefine what God has consistently declared since the beginning. Jesus encouraged us to seek His kingdom, and His righteous. His truth is eternal. Jesus said heaven and earth will pass away, but His Word will never pass away. God’s truth hasn’t changed since I went to school. It was Satan who first suggested to Eve that God didn’t mean what He said. She believed him. Apparently a lot of people are doing the same today.

Society is throwing God’s Word under the love bus. We are told that love means approving everyone’s choices even when they contradict Scripture. Dissenting opinions are severely punished, not lovingly approved. I expect this to get worse. The Apostle Paul’s definition of love, in 1 Corinthians 13 as a whole and verse 6 specifically, includes: “Love finds no joy in unrighteousness but rejoices in the truth.” He’s referring to God’s truth and God’s righteousness which is truly loving, good, and forgiving. The same truth that the second Person of the Trinity said is eternal.

For me personally, I’m good with that. My response to all this hasn’t changed:

Love your enemies, do what is good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. (Luke 6:27-28)

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