Intimacy with God: Give Thanks

Fantasy is popular today.  There are fantasy movies, fantasy games, fantasy books, and of course fantasy football. We love it because anything goes. It’s all just made up. Worlds are created where anyone can do, or be, anything. The only rule is that there are no rules. And just when we assume there is a rule or two, something impossible happens to break them. It’s why I’m not a big fan of the fantasy category – no tension.

Back here in reality there are some rules. Some people will argue that there aren’t, but we all know that there are. Cookies, for example, get more expensive while technology gets cheaper. Up is still up on planet Earth, gravity still pulls us down, and the Moon still determines ocean tides.

For most people the existence of God is like fantasy. He’s just made up. After all, if He existed He would’ve let us know. If He existed, He would’ve written a book telling us what He wanted, where we came from, and how to find Him. If He really existed, and cared, He would have come down and made sure we understood Him and our world correctly.

As it is now, we have to go to the expense of sending satellites out into the solar system to figure out where we came from. It wasn’t the Moon. No, we’ve been there. Maybe it was Mars? Was it a one-time encounter with a meteor? You see, we’re getting into fantasy land. We’re just making stuff up.

Let’s get real. God does exist. How can we know? He told us. Day and night creation speaks of His creative beauty and power. He has told us in the book He made sure we had, the Bible. He has been speaking to us since He breathed life into Adam. He came down and was born Jesus of Nazareth, Immanuel, which means God with us. It’s why we celebrate Christmas. Jesus taught us about God, about His Kingdom, and about His righteousness. In Him we can know God personally.

Jesus died on the cross because His sole purpose for taking on a human nature was to pay for our sins. His sacrifice makes it possible for our sin to be forgiven and a personal, eternal relationship with God started. It’s why we celebrate Easter. It’s why when we acknowledge these truths that He sends His Holy Spirit to be with us. The Spirit helps us to know God heart-to-heart and to live according to His righteousness.

Our society says God doesn’t exist. Yet, God has done far more than we could ask or think to make Himself known. God has been drawing you to Himself. He has been working through people and events to get your attention. Have you noticed?

This week, give thanks to God for revealing Himself to us. Give thanks to God for making a relationship with Him possible through Christ. And give thanks for the people He has used to make Himself known to you.

May the peace of Christ be with you,

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Dr. Rob Oberto is the award-winning author of “Intimacy With God: Extraordinary miracles that opened a skeptic’s heart to God” available from Amazon.

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