Living Water – John 4:1-29

People die without water. When someone is far beyond thirsty, a glass of water is worth more to them than all the world’s gold. At age 16, I got heat stroke in Florida…after fishing all day in the hot sun because I forgot to bring drinking water. That was just a single day.


Water is life in arid places. In many parts of the world people travel for miles each day to get it—to stay alive. Without Christ, our souls are arid, dry, and lifeless. As the giver of the life-giving Spirit and truth, He is the source of ‘living water’. From Him, eternal life springs up within those who are born again by the Holy Spirit.

The Samaritan asked, “Sir, give me this water.” Jesus then identified her greatest shame and explained the true worship of God. She believed He was the Messiah and immediately the ‘living water’ welled up within her. She dropped her bucket and ran to her hometown inviting them to, “Come and see the man…” And they believed in Him because of her.

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