Pleading for a Miracle – John 4:30-54

The son of one of Herod’s royal officials was close to death. The official traveled 18 miles up to Cana in the hope of successfully pleading with Jesus to return with him to Capernaum to heal his son….


His father was desperate. The boy’s life depended upon Jesus to act.

Jesus, however, simply said, “Go, your son will live.”

The man knew Jesus had changed water into wine at the wedding in Cana, now he depended on Jesus to change illness into health. At the wedding, Jesus instructed the servants, “Fill the water pots…Draw it out…” Jesus spoke—water became wine.

Here, the man entrusted his son’s life to the words, “Your son will live.” On the way home, his faith was rewarded with the good news that, at the exact time Jesus had spoken to him, the boy was healed. In desperation, he had sought out Christ in the hope of a miracle for his son, but he and his family’s faith in Christ, resulted in eternal life for them all.

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2 thoughts on “Pleading for a Miracle – John 4:30-54

  1. I have always been a strong follow of Christ his always been first. I’ve always helped people donated sacrificed my time and happiness. I’m extremely generous to the needy. I’ve always worked l k by and hard.
    All I ask in return is something for me. Something that many take for granted and receive so much of. A supportive partner. I have been Ali g for so long in anxiety and misery. Watching those around me full of happiness. I’ve gotten to an age now that I’m exhausted and overwhelmed by problems and emptiness.. Finding myself too unwilled to even go to work..which as well I have to face abuse and unfairness. Please I ask then what do I gave to do to find abit of happiness peace balance. What’s happening with me and my story. Should I just give up completly. Thoughts run through me.

    1. Lourdes, Thank you for writing. I’m sorry for the situation in which you find yourself. You have lived for Christ in a self-sacrificing way; always giving to others and to the poor. Yet, it was given at the cost of your own time and happiness. Many well-intentioned Christians have been exactly where you are now…exhausted and overwhelmed. The term for this is “burned-out.” Most Christian leaders understand this. Most try to prevent it from happening by keeping their spiritual, personal, and ministry lives in balance. To be honest, despite my best efforts, I burned-out in ministry.
      Jesus doesn’t want us to get to this point, but many do. What Jesus wants is for us to be strengthened and refreshed by always cultivating a deeper, life-giving relationship with Him. We get to the burnout point when our outward service to others exceeds our inner spiritual resources. Spiritually speaking we start pumping from an empty well. Unfortunately, we can’t do that for long before the well collapses.
      You asked a good question, what do you have to do now to find happiness, peace, and balance? The fact that you ask the question is a good sign. You got into this condition over the course of many years. Getting out of it won’t happen overnight nor will it be by your own effort. It’s time for you to learn to rest in Christ. It is time for you to be refreshed by the Holy Spirit. Do you remember when Elijah was rushing to meet with God? God refreshed him for the journey.
      Jesus said in Matthew 11:30, that His yoke was easy and His burden is light. When what we are doing starts feeling hard and heavy, then we are working too much from our own strength and not enough from His. The only way to fix this is to spend time once, or more, each day in prayer, in Scripture, and in His presence.
      I think you are hurting too much right now to think in terms of doing something else. Spending time with God, pouring out your heart to Him, and allowing Him to refresh you with His Spirit, isn’t a task. It’s how we deepen our relationship with Him. He is your supportive partner right now. He is the One who has your best interests at heart. He is the One you are looking for. He is the One who calls you to rest in Him now, and for the next year or so. Yes, it will take that long to regain a healthy balance. How do you start?
      1. Submit your life, your heart, and your will completely to God.
      2. Politely say no to helping other people. This will be hard, because you’ve always said yes. But you must say no. Schedule at least an hour each day for prayer and Scripture reading.
      3. You’ve been looking at life from your perspective and that hasn’t worked out well. Learn to look at life through God’s eyes by reflecting on the Scripture that you read and asking God to see things as He does.
      4. Get help. You are hurting. Find a good pastor or Christian counselor who can help you through this tough time.
      5. Write a list of all the things that are troubling you. Take a few days if necessary. Leave nothing out. Stop when you can’t think of anything else to write. Take that list, lay it out in front of you, like Hezekiah did, and give all those things to God. At the end of each day, keep track of how God helped that day. Most days it will seem like He did nothing. Other days you’ll see little things that He did to help. Some days will have significant changes. Unfortunately, some days will seem like things are getting worse, but if you’ve asked God to help. He will.
      I hope this helps.

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