It had me at Meow.

This post is a diversion from my normal blogging topic, but I wanted to share it with you anyway.

I‘ve never liked cats. There was a time when I tried to befriend them, but I gave up after getting scrapes up my arms from sudden paw strikes. How can they go from a delightful purr to a vengeful, snarling, instantaneous, all claws-out swipe?? I gave up. Dogs were better. Most want to be your friend. Cats…who knows what they want.

Photo by Ruca Souza from Pexels.

But yesterday, I met the most delightful black cat. I was working outside when he wandered up to our house. I first heard his meowing; he meowed frequently. I had only seen him, at least I think it was him, on our security video. He would trigger it in the early morning hours by walking across our front yard. This was the first time I saw him in real-time.

He hung around me. He liked to be patted. He crawled up on my lap and genuinely seemed to like me. He became interested in what I was doing, chased blowing leaves, and played with the small branches of my tree trimming efforts. If I stooped down, he’d come right over for a pat and a snuggle, and he followed me around. He was everything I wanted in a dog. This went on for more than an hour. But he kept meowing as though he was looking for something or calling out to someone.

I checked his license and called the county to find out if the cat was lost. In his mind, I think he was lost, but in reality, he lived just two streets over. When I went back outside, he was across the street meowing and walking the fence line between us and the road to his house. There is solid fencing on all the yards in the direction of his home. It was then that I realized he couldn’t find an opening through the fence, and that he doesn’t jump.

So, I thought maybe, for the first time in my life, I’d get a cat to go on a walk. Cats don’t go on walks with people. They only look at you like you’re an ignorant human who serves them food. Yet, I thought I’d try. Sure enough, he followed me. Oh, he chased a few leaves and my shadow on the way, but he kept up with me as I led him around all the fences . Once we rounded the corner of the next street over, he recognized where he was and ran toward his home.

I’ve never liked cats. My daughters do. One has two of them. However, I was kinda’ hoping this guy was lost, and his owner couldn’t be located, so he could stay here with us and I’d name him Pal. I’m glad he found his way home, but I miss him.

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