The NASB is getting updated to NASB 2020

IN CASE YOU ARE UNAWARE, the Lockman Foundation is in the process of updating the New American Standard Bible translation. I’ve been following their progress for awhile now. I’m regularly checking the status of their progress and posting them at: NASB 2020 Update news and review, last updated on March 24, 2020. Check it out.

May the peace of God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be with you!

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2 thoughts on “The NASB is getting updated to NASB 2020

  1. Many thanks for your reviews! I’m commenting here, as the other review page seems not to take comments!

    I have been following, on Facebook, all the proposed changes so far released.

    Like you, I also feel that, while there are some improvements, there are many more errors. As a rule, one would not recommend the replacement of a good (or very good or excellent) version by one having some improvements but many more errors. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

    What should have been done was to release, to the very loyal and knowledgeable NASB user community, details of proposed changes, inviting comment and discussion and feedback.

    I hope that Lockman will continue to issue the 1995 edition, but I have not been able to secure any reply from them in the matter.

    I understand that Nelson(?) will be issuing Comfort printings of the 1995 edition,and Kirkbride will be issuing a 1995 Thompson Chain Reference Bible, both in 2020.

    I foresee a real schism in the NASB community; but that the ardent 1995 users will not lightly, or at all, abandon the 1995 edition. I certainly will not be using it, nor recommending it, nor placing it with serious students (believers or unbelievers).

    Until it was ungraciously withdrawn, the 1995 hardback Side Column Reference Bible was the one that I placed with many students. It was one of the most cost -effective Bibles that I have ever obtained, costing only £15/$20. Nothing like it seems now to be available; and I can get no assurance that anything like it will be again available.

    I have already begun, and shall probably continue, to use the ESV (available in several cost-effective printings) for evangelism and for seminars.

    You are absolutely right on the usage of “brethren” as a generic or inclusive plural – a usage already well established for a considerable period by the time that I understood it as a young lad in Scotland in 1955! Promoters of “gender inclusiveness” are either (at best) ignorant or (at worst) deceiving.

    1. Alexander, thank you for your comment. It’s interesting that you are starting to use the ESV. My first thought of what will diehard NASB95 readers do was turn to the ESV. In fact, I was thinking of doing a review of the ESV in the near future. Although, I’m currently consumed with the launch of a new book that I’ve been working on since December. I’ll open the other post for comment.

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